Thursday, July 21, 2011

summer sessions - - fergusons.

This is my beautiful godson, his stunner mother my best friend, and Ian who's basically one of the best guys I know. I always love taking photos of these guys cause they hold such a very special place in my heart. Unfortunately it's way way too hot out to expect a happy baby so these were done in my kitchen. I'm shooting their wedding in August so stay tuned for more photos of this gorgeous family!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer sessions - - balsillie family

this was actually my first summer shoot, but I had already moved it off my computer before I started posting. I went to highschool with these guys and was thrilled to take photos of this cute little family. Baby bumps are my absolute favourite! I wish them so much luck with the new bebe!

summer sessions - - kayt.

I adore kayt, so much. Been friends since high school and we certainly had an adventure! We both have the bug bites and scratches to prove it. She certainly is a stunner and I had such a great time taking photos of her. She truly is a girl after my own heart. Every time I'm around her I remember how much I adore her. Here's a few of her faves and a few of mine. This was a great shoot. But I still hate bugs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer sessions - - jenna & adrienne

These two are SO cute. I've known Adrienne since middleschool so it was so great to catch up! The two of them together make such a attractive couple that I could barely call this working (it wouldn't have been working at all if I didn't have to swat so many bugs away from my face) This was my first time meeting Jenna, and my camera wonders where she's been all our life! It was such a nice day and I was thrilled when I saw the location they'd picked out. So great. Here's a few! Thanks guys, had such a great day. You guys are awesome!

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