Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Dear readers:

I regret to inform that if you are a regular visitor of this blog you will have noticed I haven't been uploading lately. I still have lots of shoots to finish and deliver then post but t'is the season. Things are busy, and I am busier. Between working crazy amounts, shooting and editing, christmasy stuff, and family/social obligations, I have zero time for the internet. (Don't even get me started on how far behind in Gossip Girl I am) Forgive me if I don't post any of my other shoots till after December.

Vanessa Reilly.

PS. Here's a cute picture of my godson to hold you over until January.

winter sessions - - michelle & carson.

Was put in contact with these guys through another client and I was more than thrilled to do a brother sister duo. The day however was a disgusting day. Freezing cold winds blowing one of the first snows of the season around. Down by the water was even c0lder. Brrrr!

winter sessions - - stephanie.

I grew up 4 houses away from Stephanie and her family. And she got married a week before I did. So thrilled for her cute little family, and their soon to be born baby girl hayley. It was really wonderful to catch up with her and hear all about her life. She was also one of the prettiest pregnant girls I've ever seen. Teeny tiny baby bump!

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