Thursday, January 29, 2009

annie is such a babe

i have been waiting to take pictures of annie for ages.
today we got a wee little taste of the obvious chemistry she has with the camera that i hold.

for some reason..
my blog makes everything thats a warm colour... blue..
so everything thats blue should really be oranges and reds and yellows.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adobe Illustrator CS4-0 Vanessa Lee Walker -1 (0-1)

i know all the cool kids learned this in class, but i taught myself.

katie buitnedyk is my favourite.
click her name to see a fraction of the collective works of kb.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


been busy. whatevs.
bathroom reconstruct is almost done which means i'll be able to sleep past eight o'clock on weekdays (if classes allow me to)
I wish they would have put a door that went from my room to the bathroom so i could just roll into the bathroom from bed.

I'm stoked that Jenna had her baby, yesterday or this morning i'm guessing.
i'm excited to shoot her new born pictures. above are some of the preggo pictures i took of her awhile ago.

school work is beginning to creep up,
i'm gunna be looking through the eye piece of my camera every other minute for the next few months and am not looking forward to it.

what i am looking forward to is hollywood week on american idol. my faves.
i hate canada's next top model for not accepting katie onto the show, but i'll still watch just for spite.

michael told me to post more picture's so he can show off to his friends, so if there's random pictures... that's why.
tomorrow i'll post a bunch that i really really like.
just for him, cause i love him.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

stars and highbeams at 6:30pm

Yeah, i've been alive twenty years, thus have lived through 20 winters.
but it just settled into realization that it is friggin dark at 6:00 and people are driving with their highbeams on and there are stars in the sky.
it's 6:30pm and feels like 11:30!

So above is my first ever creation in Illustrator.. i think it's cute.

my car is busted up hardcore.
inside light doesn't turn on,
left turn signal blinks extra fast, and the wee lil arrow wont turn off.
glad i'm driving to toronto tomorrow

uhm. i have an octopus tshirt.
and my external came in the mail today.

life is good.
apart from winter being cold and annoying.

song of the day : Chemistry of a car crash by Shiny Toy Guns
episode of the day : How Hermes Requisitioned his Groove Back, Futurama season 2 episode 14

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

boredom paying off.

last night while michael was at school i got to taking pictures in his room using his (terribly dim) little pod lights. Some of the results were kinda cool actually.
You know (to other photographers, or random picture takers) when you take pictures of nothing, with no real intention on it being anything special, and it turns out being something you really really like.

yeah.. thats what happened here.

on the blogging train

First blog ever. 
I'll use this blog to brag about photos i love, shoots i've done, shoots coming up, and general exciting news.
so bookmark me and keep checking back.
this is a late new years resolution to write something at least once a day.

so most exciting news about this week:
finally have my studio setup up and running.
last night i picked up my sexy little wireless transmitter.
now my flashes go off wireless-ly.
loves it.
set up a wee little photoshoot of my bed, just to try er out.
shooting into one umbrella, and through the other.
just to see the difference between the two.
i love the way shooting through the umbrella looks..
like a big ole softbox.

i LOVE my wireless transmitter..
i suggest it to anyone whose operating two or more flashes.
it's oober easy to use too!
it even has a little setting so you can create lighting ratios.
i'll never get frustrated over another 3:1 lighting ratio.
so check it out.
i recommend
canon st e2 wireless transmitter

song of the day :  Life is Short by Butterfly Boucher
episode of the day : The Doll, Seinfeld season 7 episode 17

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