Monday, October 31, 2011

fall sessions - - brownlees

This is my favourite family to photograph ever. Seriously. Brit is SUCH a stunner, Jon is just too funny, and Ethan is the coolest kid ever. Even though it was kind of miserable out, you wouldn't know it. Best family ever. They're so much fun and such great parents.

fall sessions - - josh & lindsay

So this is my cousin and his epicly gorgeous girlfriend. I was stoked when they asked me to do photos. We started off with their cute pups and went for a walk on some trails, then ended off the beautiful day at one of my favourite buildings. It was a gorgeous day, and these are gorgeous people. Enjoy.

fall sessions - - kailey

This wee babe was so so cute. And although babies NEVER sleep when I take their photos, I got some really great ones out of miss Kailey. SO CUTE!

fall sessions - - randi, taylor & sydney

I was real good friends with Randi when I was in elementary school, back then her sister was just a little girl and the littlest sister wasn't even born! What a joy it was to see how they've grown. It was great to catch up and I had so much fun shooting these pretty ladies!

fall sessions - - thanksgiving family photos

Well, it seems as though I can't even vacation without getting hit up to take photos. I didn't mind at all. These photos are of my momma and pops, and my wonderfully hilarious aunt and uncle. Michael of course tagged along for the ride. Owen Sound is so beautiful and I adore being up there. We went on quite the adventure and it made for a really fun day. I love these guys!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

fall sessions - - matt and kate.

Here's a cute little engagement session I did the other day. How cute are these two eh? I'm so thankful it was warm that day because we've had a few super cold days. These two were a lot of fun, and I had a great time shooting them. Here's a couple cute ones.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

fall sessions - - kevin & amanda

I adore this couple in a large way. Probably one of the most enjoyable photoshoots I've done lately. I was friends with Amanda in highschool and while photographing them I remembered exactly why I liked her so much. They were a lot of fun and were really easy to shoot. A well matched couple if I do say so myself. This was also my first outdoor shoot of the new season, and we all had the red noses to prove it. I'm so glad they asked me to do their photos, and I hope they can hang them in their house and love them every day. Take a look at a few favourites. Aren't they cute?

fall sessions - - tristan

You might remember a little family I photographed at the beginning of the summer. They were half maternity photos and half family photos. That baby bump has now turned into the cutest little baby. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

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