Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long time No post.

It has been over a year apparently since I've done a blog post so here's what you missed.

I got married on July 3rd 2010 (So it's almost been a year)

We honeymooned in Tobermory Ontario and ate lots of horrible (for us) food.

I've done a number of photoshoots. Here's my favourite

I also became a godmother. One of my best friends had a baby in March and I love him to DEATH

Then she had beautiful Marshall, whose smile lights up my life.

1.5 days old

2 weeks
3 months

Michael and I are also trying to have a baby, we believe that when the time is right God will provide us with a baby.

That's kind of it for the last year. Sound kinda boring doesnt it?

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