Monday, February 27, 2012

first blog post of 2012

I'm a little late, no? Sorry about that folks, been real busy and preoccupied. Haven't been near my computer machine very often apart from editing. I'm going to upload some of my photos that I've taken over the last little while. I'm hoping I don't forget anyone at all, but if I do I'm sorry. I'll also be listing them out of order!

I held a Valentines Day contest and had an overwhelming response. I awarded the first and second place winners with photoshoots. The first place winners were Kyle Burnside and Randi Young, here are a few photos.

In second place was Sam Waugh and Jordan Sager, which made me quite happy because I see Sam and her daughter Emma on a pretty regular basis. It was fun getting to spend time with the entire family.

Also for valentines day I had a lot of boudoir shoots, and though I can't show them all online, here's two girls who didnt mind their photos being shown. The first is Natalie, one of the prettiest girls I ever did see. We worked hard and long for these photos but the final project was GORGEOUS. Her shoot resulted in some of my favourite photos ever!! Second was a friend Brit who I've shot many many times and love every time. She's such a stunner!

Nextly, it's baby season. I've still got babies to shoot, and some baby bellies to do but it's a good season. Here's baby hayley whose mom is Steph (who if you scroll down a little you'll see with a beautiful baby belly) and also here's Jacqueline and boyfriend Shawn and their beautiful baby bump. They've already welcomed their little lady into the world and I can't wait to meet her!

I also did some family shoots before christmas, one set you'll recognize randi from the valentines day shoot. These are her two sisters, Taylor and Sydney. They got these photos done for mom for christmas and it brought me so much joy when her mom Tammy sent me a message telling me how much she loved them. Makes my job so rewarding! Next is the Weese family. I went to highschool with Nicole before she met the man of her dreams and moved to the states. Was really great to see her and her adorable little girl Grace.

One of the things I love most about my job is getting to sneak a peek into so many peoples lives! I get to catch up with all sorts people I used to know, and get to know all sorts of people I didn't know at all. And when I see a preview of friends on facebook, and most of them have pictures taken by me as their display picture. Brings me so much joy!

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