Wednesday, January 14, 2009

on the blogging train

First blog ever. 
I'll use this blog to brag about photos i love, shoots i've done, shoots coming up, and general exciting news.
so bookmark me and keep checking back.
this is a late new years resolution to write something at least once a day.

so most exciting news about this week:
finally have my studio setup up and running.
last night i picked up my sexy little wireless transmitter.
now my flashes go off wireless-ly.
loves it.
set up a wee little photoshoot of my bed, just to try er out.
shooting into one umbrella, and through the other.
just to see the difference between the two.
i love the way shooting through the umbrella looks..
like a big ole softbox.

i LOVE my wireless transmitter..
i suggest it to anyone whose operating two or more flashes.
it's oober easy to use too!
it even has a little setting so you can create lighting ratios.
i'll never get frustrated over another 3:1 lighting ratio.
so check it out.
i recommend
canon st e2 wireless transmitter

song of the day :  Life is Short by Butterfly Boucher
episode of the day : The Doll, Seinfeld season 7 episode 17

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  1. hey van, the link doesnt work to the wireless transmitter, whats it called i wanna have a look!


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