Sunday, January 25, 2009


been busy. whatevs.
bathroom reconstruct is almost done which means i'll be able to sleep past eight o'clock on weekdays (if classes allow me to)
I wish they would have put a door that went from my room to the bathroom so i could just roll into the bathroom from bed.

I'm stoked that Jenna had her baby, yesterday or this morning i'm guessing.
i'm excited to shoot her new born pictures. above are some of the preggo pictures i took of her awhile ago.

school work is beginning to creep up,
i'm gunna be looking through the eye piece of my camera every other minute for the next few months and am not looking forward to it.

what i am looking forward to is hollywood week on american idol. my faves.
i hate canada's next top model for not accepting katie onto the show, but i'll still watch just for spite.

michael told me to post more picture's so he can show off to his friends, so if there's random pictures... that's why.
tomorrow i'll post a bunch that i really really like.
just for him, cause i love him.

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