Thursday, January 15, 2009

stars and highbeams at 6:30pm

Yeah, i've been alive twenty years, thus have lived through 20 winters.
but it just settled into realization that it is friggin dark at 6:00 and people are driving with their highbeams on and there are stars in the sky.
it's 6:30pm and feels like 11:30!

So above is my first ever creation in Illustrator.. i think it's cute.

my car is busted up hardcore.
inside light doesn't turn on,
left turn signal blinks extra fast, and the wee lil arrow wont turn off.
glad i'm driving to toronto tomorrow

uhm. i have an octopus tshirt.
and my external came in the mail today.

life is good.
apart from winter being cold and annoying.

song of the day : Chemistry of a car crash by Shiny Toy Guns
episode of the day : How Hermes Requisitioned his Groove Back, Futurama season 2 episode 14

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  1. You should make that pic into a T-shirt, not for me ... guys don't wear flower shirts, but for you.


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